America’s Oldest Surviving Mosque Is in Williamsburg

There’s a building at 104 Powers Street in Williamsburg, an inconspicuous row house just around the corner from the rooftop bars, art galleries and coffee shops near the Lorimer L stop on Metropolitan Avenue. White clapboard slats, sloping roof. Look closer, and there’s a discreet, white turret topped with a crescent. If no one had pointed it out, you wouldn’t know you were walking past North America’s oldest surviving mosque.

Tech start-ups: A head start?

A quirky invite wound its way into several thousand email inboxes across cyberspace early in 2015. It came from Patari, a desi music streaming website that claims to host “the biggest collection of Pakistani music ever assembled in one place”. Patari is one of the scores of information technology start-ups that have appeared in Pakistan in recent years.

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